God Heals

God Heals
                                                            October/November 2023
At the end of April, 2017, I was overseeing a very powerful men’s special retreat.
I was the community spiritual director at the time. I had popped in just to make sure they had everything they needed, and to pray. As I was leaving, the guy at the door said, “Hey, Pastor B, did you know you have blood on your back?”

“Really?” I replied. “Thanks for telling me. I’m headed to the office next. I’ll ask staff to look at it.”

They did. It was cleaned and a bandaid put on it. No worries. It’ll stop bleeding, right? Wrong. It bled from that day on, until just four days ago. After six and 1/2 years of pain and bleeding and continued growth from a very rare wound called “pyoderma gangranostum,” I am finally, completely, praise God and bless those who’ve prayed for me, healed!

Over the years, it’s been a constant source of many experiences and conversations. And yes, much prayer. Battlefield prayer. Warriors interceding powerfully prayer. Also facing down fear and doubt and trusting God no matter what else I was experiencing.

I also had additional challenges with other possible autoimmune challenges: “BOOP,” (Bilateral obliterates pneumonia); heavy duty Prednisone for 9 months to clear that up. Cataracts as a complication. 5 surgeries for removal of those and side effects too.
And at one point, a specialist ordered 16 vials of blood drawn! (Was it really 16? ‘Seemed like it. Might have been less.) Everything came back negative except inflammation.

I firmly believe it was spiritual warfare. How could it not have been? The initial skin alteration appeared to be a dart hole. (I love Ron Myer - one of our Dove leaders - and how he and his wife Bonnie prayed over me last Dove ILC and he spiritually removed the dart!) My family and friends and my personal and our church intercessors have prayed their guts out for me. I can never thank everyone enough for their intercession on my behalf. You know who you are.

My husband became very proficient at bandaging, in the meantime. And others got to see the horror that the wound had morphed into when I was traveling and out of town too. There’s so much more I could tell you about this journey. But the bottom line is that Jesus heals. And don’t give up. And keep going. And my scar ended up looking like a heart.

The life of faith and trust in God is a good and rich one. He is here for us. He loves us. Jesus died for us. He is a healer. He loves to heal. Trust Him. Love Him. Let Him love you. When life is painful or heartbreaking or sad, draw that much closer to Him. And His Word, the Bible. Draw that much closer to others who love Him and love you too.




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