Taking Stock

As I write this, we are still following guidelines of  " sheltering in place", "social isolation",  and keeping six feet away from anyone when we are around others.  (Less than 10 people, please.)
It's a strange time.  We are beginning to "flatten the curve", we hope.  It's been a month since the worldwide covid-19 pandemic was declared, and restrictive regulations were instituted.

It's been a shock to go to the grocery stores and find half empty shelves.  Items we took for granted which were always there, aren't always available now.   (Low acid orange juice.)  And don't even think about looking for hand sanitizer or toliet paper.

So, in our own homes we are taking stock.  We are looking through the dwindling pantry, freezer, and refrigerator to see what we still have, and what we need.   Not what we want,
but what we need.  It's a scary time.  It's a sobering time.  And it's a time for taking stock.

While we deal with various emotions secondary to the nightmare we hear on the nightly news, there are also many good things happening during this different time for all of us.  People are moving at a healthier, slower pace.  Some are even getting rest for the first time in decades.  Families are spending more time together.  And creativity abounds.

While we're taking stock of our kitchens, and perhaps our previous daily habits as well, let's also consider taking stock of our spiritual lives.  Lamentations 3:40 says " Let us examine our ways and test them and let us return to the Lord."

Self-assessment is an important part of our faith as we grow and mature spiritually.  Just as periodic checkups with doctors and dentists help us take care of our physical health, regular reflection of where we are on our faith journey will help us grow stronger spiritually.  This will help us tackle problems before they get out of control, too.  God encourages us to look inward, in order to identify areas of weakness, so that we can address them.

Reading the Bible and keeping a journal nearby to record what stands out to you can help in this process.  As has been said, let the Bible read you.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with this.  He will.  Here are some verses on which you can read and meditate: 1) 2 Corinthians 13:5 (Do I show evidence of being in the faith?) 2) Galatians 5:22-23 (Does my life overflow with the fruit of the Spirit?) 3) James 1:22-24 ( What kind of deeds flow from my faith?) & 4)  Romans 12:2.

May you discover where your spiritual pantry needs cleansing, removal, or infilling.  May you clean it out.  May you remove what is rotten.  And may you seek more of the infilling of God's Holy Spirit than ever before!  Then, may your spiritual pantry overflow with more of
God's Presence and the peace of Christ in your life than you dream possible.  Happy Stocking!

For other information on filling your spiritual pantry visit : https://dcfi.org/articles