It began when I read of a Dove sister's ( Jova Tumusiime) death in Uganda, Africa, from covid in July.  Africa was only 2% vaccinated, while the United States had massive amounts of covid vaccines going unused.  This can't be right I thought!  Something has to be done about it.  I want to take those unwanted vaccines from the US to Africa and get shots into arms to save lives in the name and for the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

So I called Peter Bunton, Dove Mission International.  He said someone had just come into his office the very day before, saying, we need to send a medical team to Africa.

I outlined some of the thoughts I had that day, and Peter encouraged me to "dream God's dream."  Subsequently, things keep falling into place which make me suspect it is God's idea.  We know when it flows it comes from Him.

I am so grateful for the already established relationships with Dove Nairobi leaders Hesbone and Violet Ordindo.  Through John and Marty Smith's good work with their fellowship, I've had the privilege of serving and sharing ministry with them.  I am grateful for their partnership in this endeavor.  It has also been a great privilege to communicate with the Dove Africa Omondis in seeking permission and affirmation from them as well.  

So, now, we go about praying in and building the team.  Thorough training will begin soon for the next several months.  Also on the agenda is talking with pharmacology providers and government contacts to procure the vaccines (? and refrigeration) for free.

A dear sister and previous missionary partner has offered her cargo airline to help transport the medicines.  (I've also taken medicine to Africa for a medical mission trip earlier, with another organization.)  Hesbone is also talking with appropriate authorities in their area for this good work.

There are many challenges to overcome, but I serve a God who is the Overcomer.  And with Him, nothing is impossible.  As Toby Mac says, (from "Help is on the way,") "I've lived enough life to say..." if God wants this to happen, it will!  

So, please pray for: 1) the right (up to 8) team members; (medicine administrator(s), vaccinators, security, registrars), 2) funding for them and the trip; 3) procurement of vaccines, (I'm thinking J & J since it's only one vaccine and doesn't require as low refrigeration); 4) favor with pharmacology and government related to this mission and transport; 5) safety and protection, 6) many lives saved from covid! and 7) glory to God.