Uncapping the Wells

“but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”     John 4:14

        It was a typical Friday night in May. We gathered to transform the middle school cafetorium into a sanctuary for Sunday. We prayed. We put on worship music by which to work. We cleaned up after the middle schoolers. We set up benches. We scraped off gum. (The largest and most colorful pieces are counted as the greatest treasures!) We set up altars and food and information tables; food donation and VBS registration tables too.
        I was up in the nursery getting it ready for Sunday when I heard the sounds: a distant rumble coming closer. Then a crash. Then… kaboom! We had a bonified, full-blown thunderstorm directly overhead!
        The wind was blowing hard and the rain was pouring down!
        After three weeks of record heat and drought we were all dry and thirsty for rain. We ran to the glass doors to look out and behold the wonder of the water. Even in its severity it was a welcome sight.
        Brown, crunchy grass became green and soft(er) again. (Let’s not fool ourselves - it’s Florida. Our hearty St. Augustine sod is never soft.) Droopy flowers came back to life. And our dusty and love-bug ridden cars suddenly became much cleaner.
        There are many areas throughout the world that experience much longer and more severe drought than what we endured. But even our short time without the rain reminded us of how much we need the water.

        Our souls are no different. We need the fresh, living water that Jesus Christ offers us. In John chapter four Jesus told the woman at the well, whom some say was the first evangelist, and might have been named “Photina,” that He gives water which satisfies the greatest (spiritual) thirst. He told her His water is so good that it’s like “a spring… welling up to eternal life.”
        God offers us life through Christ who defeated sin and death forever for all who believe in Him. The water He offers us is also for our lives right now!
        As I’m typing this blog, Casting Crowns is singing, “just come to the well.” Wells are known for providing much-needed, fresh, life-giving water. In Genesis 26, we read of how Isaac reopened, or uncapped, the wells his father Abraham had dug. They had become stopped up by the enemy.
        Perhaps your well needs uncapped. Perhaps you’ve had relationship with Christ but have turned away or stopped the flow. Let this season be the one where you draw closer to God’s Holy Spirit and let Him restore, renew and refresh you! Uncap the well!




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