Living like a ...Spider!

                                                               May 2020              
One of the benefits of the covid-19 sheltering-in-place mandate is taking more time to notice people and things around you. Some call that being fully present.
Recently one morning I was astounded to notice a lovely brown (hunstman, or wood) spider outside, shimmering in the sunlight. It appeared to be suspended in space.
It was halfway between a patio table and the lanai ceiling, with nothing apparently supporting it in any direction.
Of course, upon further notice, there was one thin translucent piece of gossamer web holding it in place. From what might be a spider’s perspective, it appeared to have come a long way, with still a long way to go.
The sight of the spider recalled to mind the NJKV (and original language) verse
of Proverbs 30:28 “The spider takes hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.”
At first thought, the verse does’t seem profound. Yet as you read the entire proverb, you see there is a theme. Godly wisdom for a good life. And perseverence.
Soloman says there are four things “little on the earth but exceedingly wise:”
ants, badgers, locusts, and spiders (or lizards).They prepare their food ahead of time; they make safe homes for themselves; they move forward, together; and persevere to the point of living in a king’s palace.
What a huge contrast we see in verse 28.
The poor humble spider who's only job is that of weaving her threads of silk…
yet where is she living? In the royal courts of king's palaces!
Imagine that a new palace has just been built. As of yet, no spider has taken up residence in those lofty courts. Now outside, on ground level, a spider stands surveying the high towering walls above, and considers the wonderful living quarters that must surely exist over those turrets.
If you were to scale yourself down to the size of the spider, looking up at the towering walls, how hopeful would you be of getting inside the palace?
It seems like an almost impossible task! However, does the spider despair?
Does it stop to try and work out some complex difficult method of catapulting itself over the walls and landing right in the kinds palace?
No, without taking shortcuts, the spider simply takes hold with her hands and does the work that lies nearest. Day by day she patiently toils spinning her web and inch by inch the goal comes closer.
Eventually, after a lot of work, she reaches the top of the wall and drops down into the courts below!
As with this humble creatures, so it should be in our lives!
If God has given us a vision, some great work to accomplish, let's take hold of this work with our hands and do the tasks that lie nearest, first.
By perseverance and patient work we too will be able to accomplish things that previously would have seemed impossible. One step at a time.
As we prove faithful to do the smallest and humblest tasks, God can then trust us with greater responsibilities, and greater tasks!
Nothing is impossible with God! (Matthew 19:26)
So let’s embrace what God has given us to do. Let’s take the work that lies nearest. Let’s patiently toil and not give up and persevere (Hebrews 12:1) and live like a spider!
Then, one day, we’ll sit up one day and realize…we’re in a King’s Palace!
(With help from “Wisdom of the Spider,”