Entitlement Versus Kingdom Mindset

Entitlement versus Kingdom Mindset: Which do we have?
Entitlement versus Kingdom Mindset: Which do we have?
September 2023

Recently I was in a gas station store to order a sandwich. I went to the display where you’re clearly guided through each step in the process of ordering a very specific sandwich. There was a person next to me at another similar electronic touch screen.

That person could not figure it out and loudly demanded that the worker behind the plexiglass come out and help them. Graciously, the bearded young man with glasses (and hair/beard net), did just that. I was impressed at how gentle and patient he was with this very rude customer, and the level of their detailed wants being met at every screen. Even then, they weren’t satisfied. They added that they wanted two tuna fish sandwiches, too. “And make sure there’s not too much that it comes out the sides.”

Wow. The depth of the entitled attitude displayed by that person still astounds me.
And it didn’t stop there. When they picked up their order, after making the staff work hard to find them when it was ready, they rudely demanded napkins, which the other gracious worker handed them, even while pointing out the self help station nearby stocked with napkins, and anything else anyone would ever need to enjoy a sandwich. Even then, there was never a thank you. Just a rude harrumph and quick departure.

When did we become that person?
It’s been said our country has a disease which is “affluenza.” We’re so used to having just about whatever we want whenever we want it, we get irritated and demanding when it doesn’t happen or happen quickly enough.

I suspect that person was not a person of faith. I sure hope not. For we are called to a higher standard - a more patient and humble standard. We are called to have a Kingdom mindset. Paul gave the church at Colossae a good analogy when he told them (and us) to “clothe yourselves” with this mindset.

Here’s what it looks like: “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”
The servers behind the plexiglass modeled the traits. The demanding customer did not.

Earlier in the Bible, we’re told in Proverbs that “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” In a world which promotes self-gratification and self-preservation, we can be tempted to take on an entitled attitude. But the Bible says a person who thinks more of others than themselves, and gives freely and generously, will, in turn, be refreshed. God’s unlimited and unconditional love and generosity continually recharge us. In turn, we can exhibit these qualities to others. And drop the entitlement mindset. Oh yeah, there’s those I Corinthians 13 words too… “Love is patient. Love is kind.” Etc.

Let’s be people who walk in a Kingdom mindset. Compassionate. Kind. Humble. Gentle. Patient. The customer at the sandwich counter exhibited none of those traits.

The young woman checking me out also exhibited extraordinary patience in a sea of entitled, disgruntled customers. I was so impressed with these three young adults, I wanted to make sure they were commended. So they gave me a brief survey to fill out where I could mention them by name and commend them. I did. The survey also included a chance to win “a year’s worth of hoagies.”

If I win it, perhaps I’ll practice generosity and give it to the first person who tells me they read this blog! Happy Kingdom Mindset Practice!




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