Groundhog Day

Life Lessons from the movie "Groundhog Day"
February 10, 2021

There's something very fitting about watching the classic movie "Groundhog Day," on ...
Groundhog Day, February 2, every year.  In case you don't know, this movie was made in
1993, and stars Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.  Murray plays Phil Connors, a cynical television weatherman covering the annual Groundhog Day event in Punxsutawney, Pa.

He becomes trapped in a time loop which forces him to relive February 2 repeatedly.  Over the course of who knows how long, he gradually changes.

Like Phil, we can learn life lessons from this movie, which happen to be Scriptural truths too:
#1 - Do the Right Thing.  "Trust in the Lord and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness."  Psalm 37:3
At first, Phil realizes his daily repeated life has no consequences when he wakes up and it's February 2 all over again.  So he does wild and crazy things which ultimately don't matter.  Next, he becomes depressed and tries to kill himself. But of course that doesn't work either.  Finally, he begins to realize he can use his time to make a difference in other peoples' lives.  He changes flat tires.  He catches a kid falling out of a tree, and saves the life of a man choking to  death.  

#2 - Appreciate the Little Things.  "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much..."  Luke 16:10.  Phil gradually begins to do this.  What he scoffed at earlier in the movie, he now begins to appreciate.  Especially the people.  In our own lives, what (or who) do we take for granted? There is great contentment to be found in cooking, talking with and reading to children, spending time outside, taking walks in nature, bonding with pets, listening to and playing music, playing board games, gazing at the stars, and reading good books.  Start or add to a gratitude journal.  Tabulate daily what you are grateful for.

#3 - Exercise Your Creativity!  "We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us."  Romans 12:6.  By the last part of the movie, Phil begins to grow in creativity.  Instead of destroying things, he begins creating them.  He learns to ice sculpt.  He becomes quite accomplished as a pianist.  And he learns French (with which he's able to woo the lovely Rita).
Try something new!  Learn a skill, or recipe, or language!  Walk or drive a different route.  

We enhance the lives of ourselves and others when we do the next right thing, appreciate little things, and begin to grow in our creativity.  Our wonderful Creator, Heavenly Father God has give us this precious life to enjoy.  Let's make the most of it, even if it's not Groundhog Day!