Grace is like...tossing out a frog?

Grace is a funny word. It can be a lovely name for a woman, what some people say before they eat a meal, and something written about often in the New Testament in the Bible. It can be a noun or a verb. It can be elegant movement or social politeness. It has always been difficult to explain…one of those things you know when you’ve experienced it, but hard to describe. There are even acronyms for grace like “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.”

Recently I had an experience that illustrated for me what God’s grace is like, and it involved a frog.
Two years ago I became the proud parent of an adopted, three-legged cat.
Her name is Tibby and she is a delightful companion, especially when my husband is traveling and no one else is around, (other than Jesus). She loves going out into the screened-in porch area. She watches other wildlife through the screen, chases lizards, and, until recently, also enjoyed hunting down frogs.

In Florida, there are now several species of non-native frogs which can cause harm to cats. We have encountered several of these poisonous amphibians on our property, so now, Tibby is not allowed outside if a frog is in the vicinity.

Several days ago there was a very suspicious looking frog character in the pool area. I determined to get him out. I opened the side screen, locked it in place, and proceeded to grab the pool skimmer net to scoop him up and toss him out. He decided to take a swim at that point and delayed the process. But I eventually got him into the net, and tossed him outside! Whew! Screen door closed. Locked. Frog gone. Cat out.

            Suddenly it occurred to me that God’s grace is like the action I took with the frog. I saved it. That frog could have ended up dead. Maybe even should have ended up dead. But it didn’t. God’s grace is like that. He saved me, and continues to save me through Christ Jesus. His Holy Spirit scoops me up out of one difficult spot after another, and tosses me into a safer and healthier place.

            Living life in relationship with God is filled with His… yes, amazing, grace.

It is life-giving and soul-saving and a joy to experience and share with others.  

            “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.” Philemon 1:25