Overcome Division With Love

                                                        God's Love Brings Unity

On Wednesday night, October 7, 2020, vice presidential candidates, Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris had a televised debate.

For the final question of the debate, the moderator read a question posed by Brecklyn Brown, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High in Springville, Utah.  Here's what she wrote:
"When I watch the news, all I see is citizen fighting against citizen.  When I watch the news, all I see are two candidate parties, trying to tear each other down.  If our leaders can't get along, how are the citizens supposed to get along?"  And then she added, "Your examples could make all the differences to bring us together" -

Both candidates were invited to respond.  Here's what Vice President Mike Pence said:

"Brecklyn, it's a wonderful question.  And let me just commend you for your interest in public service.  I started following the news when I was very young.  And in America, we believe in a free and open exchange of debate.  And we celebrate that as how we could literally, the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world.  And I will tell you that - don't assume that what you're seeing on your local news networks is synonymous with the American people.  You know I looked at the relationship between Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the late justice who we just lost from the Supreme Court, and the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  They were polar opposites, on the Supreme Court of the United States - one very liberal, one very conservative.  But what's been learned since her passing was the two of them and their families were the very closest of friends.  And here in America, we can disagree, we can debate vigorously as Senator Harris and I have on the stage tonight.  But when the debate is over, we come together as Americans.  That's what people do in big cities and small towns all across the country, so I just want to encourage you, Brecklyn.  I want to tell you that we're going to work every day to have a government as good as our people, the American people, each and every day.  We love a good debate.  We love a good argument. We always come together and are always there for one another.  And we've especially learned that during the difficulties of this year."  

As Christians, regardless of where we stand politically, we must be the ones to usher in unity, which is the opposite of division, through the love of God.  In John 13:35, Jesus said that if we will love one another, everyone will then know that we are His disciples.  Paul also encourages us in Philippians 2:3 to actually "value others above ourselves."  These verses mean that, like the Scalias and Ginsburgs, we put our political differences aside and love one another deeply.  

During this contentious political season, let's lead the way in love and humility.  Let's not post dishonoring opinions expressed by others  Let's not allow hatred towards others to have any place in our hearts.  Let's be overcomers, like Jesus, and overcome division with love!