What's in a Name?

“What Is In A Name?”
                                                               December 2020
People go to great lengths to choose the “perfect” name for their baby.
They consider family names. They look through Biblical names. They get bombarded with suggestions from everyone with whom they’re in contact. They buy baby name books, and search online. Finally, the name is chosen, the baby is born, (or the other way around), and the carefully-thought-out-name becomes a life to be lived.
So what’s in a name? What does your name mean?
Our names carry meaning. This is always a factor in the search. What does that name mean? Rudolph, for example, may conjure up images of a red-nosed reindeer.
It also derives from an ancient Germanic name with two parts: “Rud,” meaning “fame, glory, honor or renew.” So far so good. But then “dolf” means wolf.
Ah, so Rudolph could mean a wolf of renown. Probably not a good choice for a baby.
Anna, on the other hand, was the name of the widow and prophetess who “worshiped day and night, fasting and praying.” She was at the temple when Mary and Joseph brought their baby in on the 8th day. She gave thanks to God and spoke of this special child. (Luke 2:36-38) Her name means “favor or grace or beautiful.”
Now there’s a good choice for a baby girl!
People go by names. And then they are also known by various titles. Rudolph is the name of the red-nosed reindeer, but his title is also lead sleigh flyer. Anna had her name, but was also known as a prophetess. And widow. Also temple dweller.
So we come to the name Jesus. What’s in His name? Everything!
Jesus comes from the Hebrew Joshua, Yeshua, which means “God is salvation.”
And “to save, save alive, rescue.” Jesus is our Savior. And He is the Son of God.
Acts 4:12 says “Salvation exists in no one else; for there is no other name under Heaven given to people by which we must be saved.”
He is also the Messiah - the anointed one. The Greek for this word is Christ.
Or Christos. Jesus the Christ is Jesus our Messiah.
He was also spoken of in Isaiah 9:2 as “the Great Light.” In John 8 He referred to Himself as “the Light of the World.” He is our Savior and Lord who sets us free!
Won’t you choose Him today? And if you know Him already, won’t you draw closer?
In the darkness of this world in which we walk, He brings us light!
He shows us the way. He gives us hope. Another title for Him is “Immanuel -
God with us.” We don’t have to despair when we know that He is there!
He is SO WORTHY of our worship this Christmas!
So Merry Christmas! Blessings upon you and your family and friends in this welcome new year. And take heart! There is no other name like Jesus.
And Jesus is Immanuel - God with us!