August Blog 2021

Jesus modeled for all of us the importance and need to be "away and apart" at times.  In Mark 6:31, He said, "Come with me to a solitary place, and let us rest for a while."  God modeled rest on the 7th day of Creation, as well  (Genesis 2:2).

The importance of all of us making time, taking time, carving out time to rest, cannot be stressed enough.  The word "stress" is appropriate here, because without rest, and going away with Jesus to a solitary place, we remain in a state of stress.

It takes intention to make time to be away and apart from the demands of everyday life.  But we can make it happen if we want to.  Even if it's just an hour on the porch with earbuds and worship music and a Bible and a journal.  Or taking a couple of hours to go to the beach alone, and simply let the sounds of the waves and the seagulls lull your body  into a more relaxed state.  Then, your mind is free to think, and your spirit to soar into the Presence of the One who created you.

I'm grateful to the beloved people of CCCC who have enabled my dear husband, Jon and me to get away and apart for our annual Maine vacation.   The state slogan for Maine is, "Welcome to Maine: The Way Life Should Be."  When we're here, we downshift.  The pressures and demands of everyday life dissolve.  We find uninterrupted time with each other, longtime family and friends, nature , and God.

Recently, I was worshiping to the song, "Make Room" by The Church Will Sing.  Beautiful choreography came flooding into my mind.  I just had to start dancing.  The heavenly download continued with elegant, graceful motions matching the various words of the song.  "Here is where I lay it down, every burden every crown, this is my surrender... And I will make room for You..."

You can perhaps imagine the accompanying motions too.  I invite you to try a few moves as well.  Meanwhile, though, this experience awakened an important teaching in my mind:  The faith life is like this tentative choreography!  We are invited to just take the first step!  Just take that first step in faith in whatever it is you've been feeling called to!  Just take that first, simple, trembling step forward into what will become stronger and more sure as you move for
ward.  God will do the rest!  Let's dance!




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